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News & Events

New York International School: Final round of Spelling Bee🐝 Competition

June 17th, 2017 at NYIS Orrusey Campus: Meeting Hall. Spelling Bee Competition 2017 at NYIS has been conducted successfully with tremendous support from all the people involved: the school management, the parents/guardians, and the students. Spelling is a fundamental skill that serves as a prerequisite for more sophisticated skills. Apparently, students love spelling because it is fun, competitive, and challenging. Students are trained to pronounce the words correct, listen to the sounds carefully, and spell every word with accuracy. Our judges are Ms.Zyralle Kindipan, Mr.Joemarie G.Calara and Mr.Tony Ogbonna. The BeeMasters of NYIS 2016-2017 are: -Mr.Ly Seavminh, from YL1 of BSC. -Ms.Khim Sovannika, from YL2 of BSC. -Mr.Duk Panharith, from YL3 of BSC. -Ms.Hort Sophanou, from YL4 of BSC. -Mr.Ros Ritheanith, from YL5 of BSC. -Ms.Kosal Chanchakriya, from YL6 of ORC. Link to facebook’s album: