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About Us

History of New York International School

New York International School (NYIS) was founded by Dr.Chea Sokheang on July 8, 1996 — the time when the Government of Cambodia focused their attention on the Private Education Sector. The school was originally named ‘New York Center’. Due to its constant development, the school underwent several fundamental transformations, and the name was changed to ‘New York Institute’ in 1999 and ‘New York International School’ in 2004. New York International School is a member of AG Education, with Arizon and Grand Mount International School (GMIS) as its sister companies.

Vision of New York International School

New York International School‘s vision is to be the leading school of its kind that provides K-12 National Curriculum (NC), English Language Programs (ELPs), and Chinese Language Programs (CLPs).

Mission of New York International School

The School Management Board will ensure the provision of educational service with premium quality to students aged 3 onward. The school is highly committed to constantly updating and modernizing its curriculum and methodology. Students at New York International School will be equipped not only with knowledge, but also with life skills and proper attitudes deemed proper for a good citizen. With such strong commitment from the Management Board, New York International School will provide enriching working environment for teachers and engaging learning experience for students.

Messages From The Top Management

Dr. Chea Sokheang, Founder & President of AG Education

Welcome to New York International School (NYIS)! I am Dr.Chea Sokheang (George), the founder and president of AG Education. It is my fervent hope that the younger generations of Cambodia are equipped with broad knowledge, marketable skills, and positive attitude. With its substantial economic growth and its affiliation with ASEAN Economic Integration (AEC), Cambodia is in dire need of qualified human resources who are proficient in English and adopt a global mindset. NYIS will consistently produce well-rounded students who are physically energized, mentally focused, and spiritually aligned with the school’s and the country’s vision.

Mr. Nguon Saovary, Vice President of AG Education

Greeting! My name is Nguon Saovary (Richard), the vice president of AG Education. My journey with NYIS has been a roller coaster experience. The emergence of private language schools has presented a formidable challenge for NYIS to keep itself standing head and shoulders above its counterparts. One thing led to another, NYIS has undergone major transformations, in terms of its name, its status, and its quality of language education. As the society is constantly changing, NYIS will always ensure that its academic program is of premium quality and instructed by highly qualified teachers with scientifically proven methodologies plus the latest technology.

Mr. Ly Channarith, General Manager of AG Education

I am Ly Channarith, the general manager of AG Education. NYIS has been in existence since 1996. Viewed as the senior in the private education arena, the school often receives public attention and is deemed a venerable one. To live up to this expectation, our school is committed to constructing well-structured curriculum, adopting modern textbooks, offering eclectic teaching approaches, and providing enriching learning experiences to students. Our programs will make students mentally and emotionally fit for life challenges. We believe that students’ regular exposure to both academic and authentic linguistic materials will definitely broaden their horizon. Through our joint vision and common mission, we are confident that NYIS will leave positive indelible educational footprints, and its students will be those among the future leaders.