About Us

Welcome to NYIS Language Center!

New York International School (NYIS) is pleased to launch our official blog, Facebook Page, and YouTube Channel for our Language Center. We will constantly make a positive contribution to the development of human resources in terms of linguistic competence and personal development.

What NYIS Language Center Is

NYIS Language Center is a part of New York International School, which was established in 1996. We offer full-time and part-time English programs of all levels to students in all age groups. Our areas of focus are General English Program (GEP), English for Academic Purposes (EAP), and English for Specific Purposes (ESP). We also provide TESOL training programs to teachers who need to further develop their skills in teaching English.

To play a pivotal role in this fast-paced world, our language center equips our teachers with practical and up-to-date teaching pedagogy through professional development workshops, peer reviews, and focus-group trainings. We also establish a Research Center that fosters research skills, with the sole focus on Classroom Action Research.

Our students are trained to stand up and speak out. Classroom is not merely a preparation for life, but classroom is a life in itself. We encourage our students to bring their real-world experiences into the classroom, conduct practical experiments with linguistic concepts, and develop soft skills alongside with language proficiency.

To cultivate the power of technology and harness the potentials within each individual student, NYIS Language Center continuously provides students as well as the public with the chance to further develop themselves personally, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually. We reach out to the people through our official Website, Blog, Facebook page, and YouTube Channel.

Vision, Mission, Goals

Our vision is to help Cambodian people develop the vital skills needed for the labor market in the 21st century.

Our mission is to continuously provide educational services to students via a multiple channels:

  • Well-designed curriculum and rigorous assessment scheme to ensure quality language education and satisfactory learning outcomes;
  • Enriching classroom experiences with well-trained and specialized teachers;
  • Multifaceted extra-curricular activities — creative writing club, extensive reading club, public speaking club, and various competitions;
  • Ongoing professional development for classroom instructors through professional development workshops, peer reviews, and focus-group trainings; and
  • Educational channels on social media such as website, blog, Facebook page, and YouTube.

Our goals are to realize our vision and fulfill our mission through day-to-day activities such as:

  • Rigorously revise our curriculum and assessment criteria to ensure the provision of quality education and accurate learning outcomes;
  • Constantly diversify extra-curricular activities to promote a sense of competitiveness and resilience;
  • Continuously train classroom instructors to deliver insightful lessons and embrace powerful classroom learning experiences;
  • Regularly post engaging articles that empower linguistic and personal development with a wide array of focuses on our official Blog;
  • Regularly upload educational videos on teaching pedagogy, language teaching techniques and study skills on our official YouTube Channel; and
  • Regularly promote language learning and self-development through our official Facebook Page;

Who We Are

We are a group of people with a shared vision, joint mission statements, and common goals. Our dreams are what bond us together. We are committed to helping people establish success blueprints; that is, we provide insights that help students discover their ways to language mastery, personal development, and career success. We disseminate such powerful messages in any medium possible — book reviews, short articles, YouTube channels, and Facebook page. Below are a brief profile of our team members:

Name        :   Chap Vikrant
Phone       :   081 900 816 
Email        :   vikrant_chap@nyis.edu.kh
Skype        :   Vikrant Chap
Website    :   www.nyis.edu.kh
Facebook :   fb/nyis1996

Name        :   Sin Visal
Phone       :   098 427 605
Email        :   visal.ifl@gmail.com
Skype        :   Sin Visal
Website    :   www.nyis.edu.kh
Facebook :   fb/nyis1996

Name          :   Noeum Lina
Phone         :   092 380 857
Email          :   noeumlina22@gmail.com
Skype          :   Lina Noeum (SED: esprit de corp)
Website     :   www.nyis.edu.kh
Facebook  :   fb/nyis1996

Name        :   Ly Souheang
Phone       :   010 600 743
Email        :   lysouheang@gmail.com
Skype        :   Ly S. Heang
Website    :   www.nyis.edu.kh
Facebook :   fb/nyis1996

Name         :   Chy Socheata (Jane)
Phone        :   092 579 967
Email         :   chysocheata1004@gmail.com
Skype         :   chy.socheata
Website     :   www.nyis.edu.kh
Facebook  :   fb/nyis1996

What You Can Find

Our blog is designed in the hope that viewers can have an instant access to a rich bank of useful knowledge/wisdom with a variety of topics that are both educational and entertaining. Our viewers can benefit from our blog in many ways. In our blog, they can: read for insight, read for success, or read for pleasure. Our blog has four areas of focus:

1. Language Development 

This section aims at promoting English language learning and teaching. English is nominally a global language that bridges people from various cultural backgrounds and nationalities. In today’s world, knowing English is a stepping stone toward academic and career excellence. A person with a high level of English proficiency has the competitive edge in that he/she has a better access to information that is circulating around the clock via the Internet. To contribute to the development of English language, we upload articles on traditional and innovative teaching pedagogy, tips for effective language study, and contemporary issues surrounding English language teaching and learning.

2. Personal Development

This section aims at equipping the viewers with proven tips on personal development. Embracing academic excellence is not a stand-alone endeavor. It has to go hand in hand with self-development. In this way, students can become physically energized, mentally focused, and emotionally stable, and spiritually aligned with their life purposes. It is true that when a person is inspired and motivated, he/she will perform better in any aspect of his/her life. Thus, to foster success mindsets, we produce and share articles on self-mastery, success philosophy, and success stories.

3. Book Review

This section aims at providing viewers, who struggle with the hectic pace of life, with a short version of classical and contemporary literary masterpieces. There is no better way to achieve success than following the paths that have already been explored and established. In the same manner, reading a piece of literature that contains the right information saves a great amount of time and efforts. Although reading a summarized version of a book risks the loss of the overall meanings of the concepts, it is in every way better than not reading anything at all. We hope that we can help provide better access to useful knowledge, which in turn promotes reading habits in a wider sense.

4. Entertainment

“Work without play makes Jack a dull boy.” This is especially true in the information age, where people struggle with multiple roles. This section aims at bringing a light touch to various aspects of life. The topics covered include light-hearted jokes, short stories, trendy issues, and teenage topics.